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Staff Growth

Staff Growth
Vocational development is a road that every employee must take and it’s also the accumulation of human capital. The company takes a muti- channel,  muti-faceted, and muti-orientation strategy. The Company established a talents pool-and a training platform- by judging comprehensively his employees’ knowledge, majors, potential, and achievements. Employees’ vocational development directions include comprehensive function management, professional technology, project management, and skills upgrading. Our purpose is to bring up a number of managers, experts, technicians ,senior managerial personals, and technical talents.

Staff Training
The employees’ needs to be trained are growing since the knowledge often update and innovate in the fields of theory, knowledge, and science and technology, etc. Many training forms have been used timely, such as introducing talents from outside, going abroad, consigning the training of personnel to a certain school, enterprise training, and tutorial system. In the past five years, more than 20 people took part in the overseas training, research, and exhibition, most of which have become today's technology management backbones. We propose 721 learning principle, that means 70% of learning and experience comes from the accumulation of daily work, 20% from learning from other people, and 10% from education training.

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